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Traveling/Stopover in Brunei

introduction about the blogger.

Hello everyone,

Behind the lens, aims to provide you the Best insider Guide you will ever need while traveling or having a short stopover in Brunei Darussalam.
Brunei definitely appears to be a very small country but it's a country with unexpected treasures.
I will shortly update more about how to get yourself around while your in Brunei. while in doing my research surveying the needs of the public.

if you have any inquiries, do leave me a comment and i will reply them.Do help me by start giving my questions :)
I'm working in the airport itself, so definitely its easy for me to help you around when you arrives here.

This Blog doesnt gives you the facts and figures of Brunei Darussalam, as you definitely would be able to search for that information through other websites. Here we aimed to bring you Great memories in Brunei Darussalam.

many thanks

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Transportation in Brunei

Getting around on your own

28 °C

There's not much taxis in the Country, because most of the citizen here owns a car. And Taxi drivers can easily be spotted at the Arrival Hall of Brunei International Airport just right after you pass through the Custom and Immigration. And the price of the Taxi for one way is BND 25 which is the same price as SGD. ( approximate 20AUS, 30NZD, 23USD, less than 15POUNDS )

Areas to get a Taxi is around the airport, and by the city center ( Bus Station )

Trust me, its not easy to get around with a Bus. Because there's no fixed scheduled time for the Bus to come around the Airport, tho it cost BND $1 per trip. Sometimes, it comes around 40 mins once and sometime you cant even get one.

Every Bus that you take will reached the Bus Station eventually, and the Bus Station locates in the City Itself where you can catch a Taxi easily as well from there.

I definitely recommend you to take a tour around the city while your on transit and they do provide very reasonable prices that bring you to visit most of the highlights in just a short period of time. For more information do wait for my new updates soon. Tour Counter can be found inside the Transit Area and the arrival Hall of Brunei International Airport.

Hire a Car
There's several car renting companies in the Airport and their booth can only be found in the arrival area (after the custom and immigration, to left side near the tourist information kiosk)

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Not Stuck but Blessed

Insiders Guide -

Passengers having a Long Transit Gap Between another isn't such a Bad thing, i always say 'think positive' - dont think that your stuck there, but this that your blessed there. :)

Passengers who faced these problems are mostly coming from parts of Australia, London/Dubai and New Zealand. you may have more than 8hours of time and this is what you can do, im planing your whole day to spend in Brunei.

Nature Lovers
If you love natures, visit the ulu ulu temburong national park which is located at the rainforest. Enjoy a short trekking and climb up the canopy walk, visit the ulu ulu resort which is a three star resort located in the middle of the forest. you need to take a boat from the jetty at bandar and reach temburong district, after that you need a ride to find another port to get a water boat to the resort and trekking place. There are also package tour available for this trip for 7hours including lunch in the resort itself. for more information just message me.
For nature lovers, that's one of the best place to visit as you will be able to witness thousand of different species founded at the mangrove rainforest.

Probosics Monkey
the probosics monkeys (largest monkey in the world that do not eat BANANA) if you do your research deep enough, these monkeys are actually an endangered animal and they only survived in Borneo island. So, these animals are strictly protected in Brunei and to see these animals it's going to be in the WILD. you can take a water boat ride from the city and asked the water taxi driver to drive you there.

Spend your time exploring the city for as short as 4hours you will be able to visit all the highlights in the city. There are some good deals of packages tour to be bought in the airport itself, and by the next post i will explain the Free transit tour provided by the airlines, as well as most of the packages tour that you will be able to join. as well as the transit Visas

so stay tune, im a new blogger here so please your comments are very much appreciated to provide you any information you need.

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you amazed me :)

Im amazed by how many views i get in a few minutes time, this tells me that there are alot of people are looking for more information.
Do drop me any question or comments please, so i can write more post in satisfying your needs :)

much love

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some place to visit

I was actually waiting for some comments so that i can have more idea on what topic to fill in. But the public seems to be polite towards me, cause you didn't approach. But anyway, i checked my hits and seems like there's more people checking the Transportation categories so im just going to fill in more regarding what to do while transiting here.

Best Place to Visit,
Water Village,
which is located in the City and how to go there? easy ? just hop on a Taxi or ride on with the Free Transit tour (check out how to avail this tour) you can take a water boat ride to visit the largest water village in the world, with approx 30,000 people living in those wooden stilt houses built on water. Water Boat ride for local may cost only 50 cents to ride back home and few bucks for tours but normally if your a tourist they mark up the price real high maybe $30 per ride. so be wary, might as well join a 4 hour tour that includes a water boat ride and you even get the chance to visit the wooden houses with local light refreshments included.

Royal Regalia,
you can find this museum near the city. it's approx 5-7 mins walk from the SOAS mosque (floating mosque) and royal regalia is actually His Majesty's private museum. entrance fee is Free. and inside are all of his collection, as well as gift from nations all over the world.

National Museum is around the city as well, but you need to take a Bus ride to reach there.
There's 5 Gallery in the museum including the Biodiversity, National History, Oil and gas, His Majesty's Private Collection and lastly the Tradition and Culture.

Jame Mosque is the largest mosque in the country, located near the largest round about when your on the way to the city. This mosque is a gift from the 29th Sultan with 29th Golden Domes. There's visitor's time as well, so even tho your Not a Muslim you may also visit inside.

SOAS mosque
is His Majesty's late father's mosque, with 28th Golden Domes. This mosque is surrounded by water and is located near to the water village.

Empire Hotel
is a 6Star Hotel. check out the pictures.http://www.google.com.bn/search?hl=ms&q=empire%20hotel%20brunei&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1993272l1995506l0l19l12l0l4l4l0l326l1113l0.2.2.1l5&biw=1280&bih=630&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi


Morning Market is located at the city next to the Cinema ( behind the cinema is the Bus Station ) Food there is very cheap, you may find a packet of food that only cost you BND 1. If you join the Free Transit tour, you will have the chance to visit the Sumbangsih Food Court which is another market that have many variety of food with affordable prices.

Night market only opens in the night at 5pm, and its located next to the MALL, which can be found near the largest round about as well.
Night market brings you BBQ chicke, fishes and etc . Prices are as cheap as BND 1 as well.

to go around this place, Best join a tour.
i'll describe the different availability of tours soon.
stay updated.

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